Tourism and landscape

North of Galicia. It is a pity for me to see how the landscape is absolutely colonized by fast-growing trees. Eucalypts, mainly. It makes no sense to promote the beauty and magnificence of Galicia if we do not have our traditional oaks. 
The landscape is a fail, with a terrific urbanism. Buildings without finishing, isolated houses in the middle of nowhere, paved roads everywhere and so on.

We have to start to think about the fact that we do not live in Paradise. Galician (and Spanish people also) are very used to be extremists. We can be the best country in the World, with our unique lifestyle (tapas, sun, live in the streets, etc) or we can be the worst (with all the negative things that we know we have). I try to be in the middle of the way, and for me it is important to be critical with ourselves.

Food and gastronomy are milestones in Galicia, but landscape (at the day of today) is not our strong point. It seems that now people in public and private sector are beeing more and more conscious about the need to keep alive and taking care of the landscape. But still there is a lot of way to do. It is not possible to have a quality tourism with a terrific landscape.

We have to reverse the situation, although there will be necessary several generations. You can still find people who ask you why Galician government has the right to decide in which parts of the land he can build or not. This is not a joke. It is the truth.

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