Tomorrow, Switzerland. Departure from Compostela at 15:15. Arrival to GVA at 17:20. Then we must catch a train to Vevey (direction Brig). We´ll we arriving to Vevey around 19:10 more or less. Our relatives are going to pick we up at Gare de Vevey. They live at Montreux. Our plans are pay a visit to Gruyères on Friday. Gruyères is suposed to be the most beautiful village in Switzerland. It´s a 35 minutes drive from Montreux, but we´ll take the train. Even in the fantastic and metropolitan (non-TGV) swiss rail system, is more than one hour, but it´s OK. Taking the train is more convenient than everything. I guess there is a nice Christmas Market in Gruyères. In the evening our plans are come back to the Rivière of Lake Leman and visit my second-cousin. She lives in La Conversion (Lutry), and she just had a baby called Marta. We are loking forward to know her. They live near Lausanne, not very far away from Montreux. Both places -fortunately- are located in a short distance, and both are in the beautiful slopes of Lake Léman. That´s a beatutiful and unique landscape composed by wineyards, water and mountains covered by snow in the winter. La Suisse Romande.

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